My practice focuses on connections within intimacy, addiction and nature. Using a combination of sculpture and video, I develop an emotional enquiry into how social addictions interact with dependency, shame and love. My sculptural work uses the language of the intimate body, where I build on a combination of fantasy and memory to visualise emotional truths. As of late, I’ve been exploring more abstracted figures, which aim to grasp at subconscious depictions of guilt, belonging and queer anxiety. 

My video work is largely made from the intimate material of my iPhone archives, using my poetry as a voiceover. These clips are often collected for months or years, and similarly my poetry will sit for months before it leads to a formative expression. Although my objective is to generate an emotional response from the viewer, it’s important that my approach to taboo subjects is non-judgmental, dry and careful. My hope is that they present a quiet vulnerability through the bare material of the voice.




       Instagram: @calmac__studio 

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2021 - Cove Park

2021 - Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

Awards & Grants

2021- Hope Scot Trust 

2021 - Young Scot Nurturing Talent Fund 

2020 - FUV beyond moving image commission 


2016 - 2020 Edinburgh College of Art, Sculpture, BA

2019   Nova Scotia College of Art and Design,                          Exchange Semester 

2015 - 2016 Strathclyde University, Partial Completion              of BSc in Chemistry 


Past Exhibitions 


2020 - Field Test, Silvermine Mountains, Ireland 

2020 - Dinner Party (a collaboration), Edinburgh                      College of Art

2020 - Sober Dinner Party, Solo Exhibition, Edinburgh              College of Art

2020 - Space Invaders: ECA X                                                  RCA Exchange, Edinburgh College of Art

2020 - Buffering, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh College              of Art

2020 - It's a mess from the Barnes to the Civic House,              Glasgow School of Art 

2019 - RCA x ECA sculpture exchange, Royal College            of Art

2019 - Guns on the Run, Edinburgh College of Art 

2019 - Pancake Dinner Party, Nova Scotia College of                Art and Design 

2019 - Sculpture Showcase, Nova Scotia College of Art            and Design 

2018 - Hings and Bits, The Rumshack, Glasgow 

2018 - Material Dialogue, Museum of Fire, Edinburgh              College of Art 

2018 - Help Yourself (dinner party), Solo Exhibition 

           Edinburgh College of Art

Curatorial Work 

2020 - Sculpture Party, Edinburgh College of Art

2018 - Hings and Bits, The Rumshack, Glasgow 

2018 - Body Language, Museum of Fire, Edinburgh                  College of Art



2020 - 'Five Extraordinary Creatives Making their Mark             on the Scottish Art Scene', Canvas Magazine

2019 - 'Eleven Edinburgh Artists you need to know                  about' MUSE magazine 

2018 - PREVIEW: Hings N Bits at The Rum Shak, The              Glasgow Guardian